Is your company looking to raise new debt, refinance or restructure existing facilities?

We typically start our assignments with an evaluation of the capital structure in order to provide feedback on realistic financing options. This analysis combined with your financing needs will allow us to propose the type of financing which provides the best possible terms and conditions.

Our debt markets expertise ranges across the entire array of debt instruments, whether the financing is unsecured or asset-based, loan- or bond-type. More specifically, our advisory services include the following types of financing structures:

  • Working Capital

    • Unsecured Revolving Credit Facilities
    • Borrowing Base Facilities
    • Inventory / Warehouse Finance
    • Factoring / Forfaiting
    • Asset Securitisation
  • Trade and Export Finance

    • Letter of Credit Facilities
    • ECA-Covered Loans
    • Pre-Export Finance
  • Capital Expenditures

    • Senior / Subordinated Loans
    • Bonds
    • Private Placements (e.g. Schuldschein)
    • Project Finance
    • Leasing