Over the past 20 years, our partners have arranged numerous debt financings in amounts from €10 million to over € 1 billion for SME, large multinational corporations and financial institutions.

Throughout their careers, Quadriga partners gained experience and closed finance transactions in diverse geographic regions, such as Europe, Russia and the United States.

For reasons of confidentiality we will not disclose names of clients on our website, we may however provide a more detailed track record on a verbal basis to the extent legally permitted.

Following are selected transactions, our partners took a lead role in:

  • €450 Million Restructuring of ECA-covered Loans

    Borrower: Russian steel & mining company

    Quadriga Advisors is acting as coordinator for a number of Western European banks and Export Credit Agencies in a restructuring of 14 different ECA-covered loans.

  • €180 million Pre-Export Finance Facility

    Borrower: Russian oil company
    Term loan, secured by oil export receivables. Facility was partially syndicated in the bank loan market and partially placed with a reinsurance company.

  • €75 million Trade Receivables Securitisation

    Borrower: German Automotive Supplier Company
    Off-balance sheet financing was provided through the purchase of trade receivables against OEM car manufacturers. A credit insurer provided insurance protection to allow for refinancing in the capital markets at attractive interest rates.

  • €72 million Hermes covered ECA Financing

    Borrower: Russian tube manufacturer
    Amortizing 10-year term loan that financed the delivery, construction and commissioning of a large diameter pipe plant by German SMS Group.

  • €30 million Private Placement

    Borrower: M-Dax listed German Machine Tool Company

    3-year term financing that refinanced existing indebtedness.

  • €50 million Private Placement

    Borrower: German Metals Trading Company
    Amortizing 5-year term loan financing working capital purposes.

  • €400 million Pre-Export Finance Facility

    Borrower: Russian natural resources company
    Amortizing 4-year loan facility secured by export trade receivables collected in escrow offshore accounts.
    Arrangement, underwriting and syndication in bank loan market.

  • US$ 250 million Trade Receivables Securitization

    Borrowers: Up to 12 US retail supplier companies
    Facility provided finance to various supplier companies by purchase of trade receivables against large cap US retailers (e.g. Walmart, Home Depot). Trade receivables purchase was finance through issuance of asset-backed commercial paper.

  • €260 million Hermes/SACE-covered ECA Financing

    Borrower: Russian Telecom Company

    Amortizing 8.5-year term loan that financed the purchase of Siemens equipment for the expansion of the GSM-network.